Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The last one....

There are many things that are precious to me. The first one is my family. I can't imagine my life without my family. They are the foundation of my life. I have thirteen brothers and sisters, and each one is precious to me in a different way. Another thing that is precious to me is loyalty between people, especially between friends. I have many friends in Brazil, but some of these friends are special to me because of their loyalty. Also, I can't forget my husband who suports me and makes me take English classes. He helps me not to give up and encourages me when I am down. These are just a few of the things that are precious to me.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I don't like to be alone

Usually in Brazil people don't like to be alone. For me it was difficult to be alone with big family that I have. After my brothers and sisters married I was living alone with my mother, and I got used to having fewer people around. I also got used to having less noise around me. For instance, I turned the TV down because I didn't need to drawn out the noise made by my brothers and sisters. Now when more than three or four people come over I don't like the noise and distraction. Since I came to the United States I have become even more solitary. As a result, when I go back to Brazil I need some time to get used to so many people again. Although I have gotten used to being alone, I still like it when friends come. In fact, I still like to be around other people.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dreams and Fears

I have a dream to open a studio to teach quilting in Brazil. I never quilted before I came to the US, but I learned here. My church was making quilts for poor children and I volunteered to help. Working with the women at church I started to learn how to quilt. I made about 20 quilts for the children and I hope to make another twenty this year. I enjoyed making the quilts and so I made some more to take to my friends and relatives in Brazil. Quilting is rare in Brazil and they liked my quilts very much. Some people wanted me to teach them how to make quilts in Brazil. That gave me the idea of having my own studio a teaching quilting classes in Brazil. I think it would be a fun and therapeutic way of sharing my talents.

I don't have any big fears about this project, but there are some challenges. Sewing machines for quilting in Brazil are not very common and are expensive. Some of the materials used here are hard to get in Brazil. I am also kind of shy so teaching big classes could be scary. Still I think it would be fun, and we could develop tropical quilt designs that American quilters would not think of.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in Brazil

At this time in Brazil we have a halloween holiday. Usually people don't decorate their hoses like in the United States. There are some parties that people attend dressed in costumes. They don't do trick or treating like here. Also, there are no halloween stores and the date is not included in the calendar. In the United States children are involed in halloween while in Brazil is more adult celebration. Unlike Cristhimas and Easter wich are celebrated in the Catolic Church, most of the symbols and traditions about halloween came to Brazil through American media and comercial influence. I have never partipated in halloween celebrations in Brazil, but I think the holiday is interesting. In Brazil we don't have native holidays that celebrate witches, demons, and ghosts.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How did I meet my husband

I have a friend in Brazil who was dating with my niece. One day he told me that he wanted me to meet his American friend. I wasn't thinking of dating just then so I said no. In December of 2003 I was working and he called me and said that his American friend was at his house and he wanted to meet me. I said I didn't want to, but his American friend started to talk with me by phone. The next day he called me again and I said that I wasn't interested in meeting him. After a week he convinced me and I decided to meet him. I was late and he almost left. I remember he was very upset, but when he saw me he said I am not upset anymore. We satrted to go out and get to know each other. Ater two months I knew that I was falling in love with him. We got married and I am still falling in love with him.